ABACUS Retail Customer Counting Analytics


Customer Counting Analytics

Shopping sqrThe retail sector has become increasingly competitive, so understanding site performance by measuring customer footfall and sales conversion rates is an important metric within your business to provide a benchmark to help your business to improve efficiency, customer service and profitability. 

More detailed customer analytics to monitor queue wait times, track customer flow through a store and assess customer analytics can provide additional customer insights to further improve the customer experience and reduce customer leakage through lost sales opportunities.  Using footfall data to strike the perfect balance between staffing costs and customer service will help you to maximise in-store sales conversion rates.

Analysing in-store metrics can benefit areas of business your business from store management and operations to marketing, merchandising, fraud detection, and loss prevention.

Abacus provides an open platform which allows you to integrate and compare multiple metrics to give you a clearer picture of the factors which effect store performance.

  • Staff Deployment – schedule staffing to meet site demands
  • Opening Hours – tailor store opening hours to take advantage of local footfall trends
  • Customer Dwell Times – monitor customer dwell times to assess the average time they spend in store, or in specific departments
  • Customer Engagement – analyse product interaction to get a clearer picture of where potential sales are being lost
  • Marketing Impact – monitor footfall numbers and conversion ratios to assess the true impact of different marketing campaigns on customer visits and sales?
  • Queue Management – monitoring & managing the length of queues and queue wait times can help you to reduce lost custom and improve the customer store experience
  • Passing Traffic Capture Rates – monitoring the footfall outside your store can help by calculating the passing traffic conversion rate helping you understand the effectiveness of window displays and the effectiveness of your current store location
  • Zone Analytics – Creating a heat map of customer flow throughout a store, or key departments can help you to improve store design and signage to maximise the profitability of your store layout
  • Dressing Rooms – monitoring the number of people using dressing rooms in fashion stores can help you clarify whether enough space has been allocated and to maximise use of these spaces to ensure customers receive the service they need
  • Showrooming – engage with potential customer to minimise showrooming and reduce lost business
  • Loyalty – increase loyalty by ensuring staff can provide excellent customer service
  • Sales Conversion Rates – monitor sales/footfall to compare and improve store performance.