Abacus uses advanced counting algorithms, to deliver accurate and reliable footfall information, quickly and effectively.

Live Monitoring

By connecting to a range of external devices, Abacus can utilize the functionality of smart camera analytics and other people counting hardware.

  • Live monitoring of footfall data presents the user with counting data in real time. They can view events as they happen, to make appropriate managerial decisions quickly and efficiently
  • View live camera feeds from the Abacus dashboard and see events as they happen. View individual cameras, or select specific analytic devices to receive bespoke data
  • Abacus offers you the ability to program your own dashboard parameters. This means you can see calculated figures in real time. You can find out the percentage of a venue capacity filled, or the total number of free spaces in a car park
  • Count data can be superimposed on floorplans highlighting people counting camera locations to show the flow through different entrances, or into specific zones.

Live Alerts

Abacus can produce live alerts based on parameters created by the user. You can receive a range of alerts via email or SMS. Abacus also performs routine diagnostics on all external devices, to ensure all system components are working as intended.

  • Be notified when specific KPI’s are reached, or certain thresholds are met, and always be informed with up to date information.

Abacus has incredibly fast start up speeds and one of the fastest analytics engines on the market. With its intelligence, Abacus delivers a self-aware system which can, for example, reboot itself and repair software problems in cameras and other intelligent counting or analytics devices.