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Our goal is to present a model to help you use the ABACUS concept to improve your own organisation’s performance. We offer a practical method to plan improvements

Abacus System FeaturesMoniter

  • Integration of a range of smart counting devices
  • Centralised people counting and analytics data
  • Occupancy Management
  • Automatically generated reports
  • Live Monitoring & Alerts
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Data ownership – you own the data, which is never shared with third parties without your permission
  • No on-going license fees for you to access your data.


Use ABACUS to measure a range of key performance indicators, such as:

  • Which entrances are most popular, and at what time of day they see the most footfall traffic
  • How promotions, advertising, competition, weather, school holidays and construction affect visitor numbers
  • How visitor count patterns vary throughout the year
  • How long visitors spend in front of displays or in queues
  • How visitor traffic flows through a store, shopping centre, museum or other locations.


Access to data and reports in real time to understand behaviour on the day.

  • A real time dashboard of live counting information
  • Create bespoke management reports that can be scheduled accordingly
  • Easily programmed to generate alerts by email or text.

Developed to count visitors entering any location, Abacus is the leading people counting application for monitoring visitor traffic. Abacus can use a range of intelligent devices to automatically count the number, and show the direction of customers, in real time. Abacus offers you ownership of your data, along with a range of flexible reports, giving you complete and unlimited access to your count data in an easily accessible format.

  • Visitor footfall
  • Dwell times
  • Queue metrics
  • Customer flow
  • Customer tracking
  • Heat maps.

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The Abacus Analyser provides pre-defined reports and graphs through a user-friendly interface. It allows customisation per location, reporting period and timed intervals to readily identify opportunities for intervention and improvement.

Drill down to see traffic visitor flows and footfall trends per region, location or entrance, daily or hourly and assess other parameters to obtain an accurate and true picture of visitor behaviour and customer product interactions.

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