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Understanding the visitor footfall to your shopping centre has become a key metric for managing unit rents and attracting new businesses to your mall.  Abacus provides a perfect platform to integrate counting data with other metrics to help you understand the flow of visitors between different entrances and locations within your site.


Maximise the value of your real estate

  • Marketing Effectiveness – monitor the impact your marketing has on increasing footfall
  • Visitor Flow – understand the way in which visitors move throughout your shopping centre to take advantage of commuter through-traffic and manage signage
  • Retail Rents – manage unit rents based on the footfall in different zones within your centre
  • Events – identify how special events increase footfall and effect visitor dwell times
  • Customer Service – schedule staffing levels to balance costs against customer service requirements for peaks and troughs in footfall
  • Retailer Impact – understand the impact that new retailers, or specific retail campaigns have on attracting new visitors to your site
  • Attract New Retailers – use visitor numbers to highlight your growing audience to attract new business to the site.