The Abacus User Level system is a precise and intricate yet easy to use system, allowing managers and administrators total control over access to data.

User Levels

Abacus is the ultimate people counting system with a superior organisational user level system allowing complete data access control.

A user level is a designation which allows the user to view and use certain areas of the system. For example:

  • An "Admin" user has full authority over every aspect of the site
  • An "Operator" user is only allowed to perform basic functions or view specific data
  • A site manager may be given access to data relating to their specific site, whereas an Operations Director is able to gain an overview of all sites.

There are currently 15 attributes which can be associated with a new user to define their level of data access.

Different user levels can be implemented with hierarchical security in mind, allowing the administrator to assign certain powers and authorities to various members of staff who use the system, with higher ranking staff members being given more authority.

Information is key to your business, so having an hierarchical user level system in place, you can carefully assign permissions and privileges to your staff.  Abacus allows you to appropriately control data access, creating an efficiently maintained reporting environment.