ABACUS for Museums & Visitor Attractions


Museums and Visitor Attractions

Museum sqrThe creation and operation of visitor attractions such as museums, galleries, science centres, heritage sites, zoos and aquaria, and theme parks can be a complex process. It requires informed management decisions to ensure that precious funding and resources are spent effectively.

Abacus provides a platform to bring together key visitor counting metrics with other operational data to give you a clearer picture of your operational performance to helps you to identify where improvements can be made.

  • Understand daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal footfall trends
  • Assess how different marketing activities drive footfall to your attraction
  • Manage staffing levels to maintain good customer service whilst striking a balance between visitor numbers and staffing costs
  • Monitor the flow of visitors between different exhibition spaces, shops and cafes to understand the appeal of different zones and help plan exhibit layouts
  • Measure visitor interaction with specific exhibits
  • Address queue management issues
  • Share visitor counts with key stakeholders and funders
  • Use visitor footfall data and as a KPI to help evidence improvements for funding applications.