People Counting presented in Portsmouth

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  • On 21/10/2020

Sales Director John Downie presented the concept of People Counting to an eager audience at the recent IP-in-Action LIVE event at the Holiday Inn Portsmouth, part of a series of educational and promotional road show events across the UK.

John abacus

Seminar Title: Adding People Counting to your Security Portfolio.

John Downie Sales Director at Visual Management Systems Ltd., developers of ABACUS - People Counting Made Easy!.

Topics included:

  • People Counting - the technology
  • The value of accurate information
  • Key Vertical Markets
  • The benefits to your customers
  • How to introduce the concept to a client

Downie was also available to discuss how ABACUS, People Counting Made Easy can be a valuable addition to a business offering. Illustrating how providing People Counting solutions to an existing client can assure customer loyalty and future profitability.

ABACUS - People Counting Made Easy - Allowing you to make decisions and improve performance.

If you are an organisation with visitor access, you need to know exactly how many visitors are accessing it.....when, where, and for how long.

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